Using On -Line Media “The Jakarta Post News Report” to Teach English to Government Program Students of STISIP NH Jambi

  • Santi Hendrayani STISIP NurdinHamzah Jambi
Keywords: The Jakarta Post, News Report, Online Media, Teach English


The use of  media such as on-line media “The Jakarta Post” newspaper  can support teachers and students in teaching English process. It will improve the students ability, skill, knowledge, attitude , language content, reading and vocabulary  by providing on-line media ”The Jakarta Post “newspaper . The purpose of using on-line media can be used by the students in the classroom to develop their skill and also used as the learning resources. Teaching English to Government Program has many problem. Commonly the students lack ability in English because of education background  and at this program English as Compulsory Subject. At STISIP NH Jambi learning English as Compulsory Subject (MKDU) mata Kuliah Umum.  Based on Curriculum the students must follow the  English  Subject. In teaching process  many students lack of ability in English. The students knowledge as long as Junior and Senior High School give the impact  of teaching process. The writer for this paper would like to  share the information , experience and the way to teach English as a compulsory Subject . The existence  of On-Line Media The Jakarta Post for the Government Program. The writer do the technique  observation( do direct observation of the students as  the object), interview, documentations and library research. The result of the research showed that:  The continuously of learning English by using on-line  media must be  formed to reach the target of mastering English and the  students of English Program must relay that the existence of English for Government program must mastery English to can compete in employment field.